Building the Human Capital

See, donate and share widely our gofundme campaign to build the human capital.

A recently conceived project between UKAPES co-founders, Joyce Elemson and Isatu Bangura is to build the human capital of vulnerable young adults using the bottom up approach under resource constrained contexts. The project is expected to arrest the high rates of youth unemployment, mitigate economic marginalisations and boost self confidence and esteem in young people. It is of the belief that simple uncomplicated interventions in the way of enrichment activities and youth development sessions can hinder exposure to human and sex trafficking which have become common place in fragile communities.

UKAPES believes in investments in people especially teachers who are the most influential professionals in our lives. The provision of a social club of 10 teenagers over a quarterly period under a project called SASSBUC – Supper and Social Skills Building Club requires funds for teachers/co-ordinators to recruits youths, implement the project and feedback to UKAPES with timely updates.

See, donate and share widely our gofundme campaign in support of our efforts to boost youth productivity.

Orphans in Sierra Leone                                                                      Photo credit: Global Partnership for Education

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