Home Based Business Opportunities by Casimir Biriyok

”I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”
                                                        – Steve Jobs

Working from home does not just free you from the horrors of commuting, it also gives you more time to spend with your family and freedom to be anywhere. Working from home can help you build your wealth.
It is under this backdrop that a UKAPES supporter in his effort to support the mission of transferring skills to Africa’s youths that he published a book titled Home Based Business Opportunities – 14 Great Home Based Business Ideas for Everyone

Home Based  Business Opportunities is most suitable for:
– people who want the freedom to work anywhere in the world
– people in full-time employment looking for a passive income
– people who are recently retired
– people who have a general interest in starting a business but don’t know where to start or how to get going.
– people who want to get away from 9-5 daily grind
– stay at home parents
“This is a really great book. It’s fantastic how in-depth you are with the subject, and it’s clear that you are an expert on the topic. We think that the general structure of the book is very strong. It’s good that you have laid everything out so clearly and neatly. The reader will really appreciate this. The ideas contained in this book are great. From our perspective, you’ve covered all of the necessary basics to make this book a great success. We particularly liked the section on outsourcing. This was very strong. Also very strong was the section on being a business consultant. Overall, our opinion is that you have created an excellent guide………………………………………………………………..” – Publishing Consultant

It is recommended the reader reads all the 14 ideas within the book, choose one idea and then read the related resources in chapter 15 then give it a go. There is a good chance that your tomorrow will thank you for your today’s action.
This book includes:
Introduction:    The Daily Nightmare
Chapter 1 IDEA 1 Creating Information Base
                                Products to Sell
Chapter 2 IDEA 2 Selling Products through
Chapter 3 IDEA 3 Creating Online Training Courses
Chapter 4 IDEA 4 Website Blogging
Chapter 5 IDEA 5 YouTube Business Channel
Chapter 6 IDEA 6 Being an Outsourcer
Chapter 7 IDEA 7 Being a Freelance Writer
Chapter 8 IDEA 8 Being a Website Consultant
Chapter 9 IDEA 9 Internet Marketing Consultant
Chapter 10 IDEA 10 Writing and Publishing Books on Amazon
Chapter 11 IDEA 11 Mobile Marketing Expert
Chapter 12 IDEA 12 Selling Goods on eBay
Chapter 13 IDEA 13 Local Business Consultant
Chapter 14 IDEA 14 App Designer
Chapter 15  Resources/Useful Links

About the Author
Casimir Biriyok is an associate member of the London Institute of Bankers & Finance and a member of the Institute of Directors. Also a director of a number of companies, Casimir sincerely believes in exposing the home business opportunities in the changing work place. As the author, he has many years of both corporate and self-employment experience. The book can be purchased at https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916146309/
To order bulk copies, send an email to cass@biriyokpublishing.com

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