Skills Transfer

At UKAPES, our commitment to transfer teaching and learning strategies is demonstrated by the record of the co-founders in their individual private projects  to improve education systems in Africa through staff development sessions both in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Years of experience and expertise as UK teachers in Further Education combined with the desire to give back to a developing country’s educational system gave way to the individual projects; projects that were simultaneously conceived and executed in the face of limited resources and the imminent deficiencies in the pedagogies of the average African teacher.

As we mobilise fellow practitioners to gather their skillset in strengthening existing education structures on the continent, we believe that teaching and learning skills transfer goes beyond CPD delivery, despite its huge relevance in building on teachers’ current practice.

It is our mission that education reforms on the continent embrace among other policies, areas of development to grow the education provision by in ensuring that the 21st century African youth is prepared to compete, adapt and operate successfully in a dynamically changing world.

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