UKAPES launches ‘Home based Business Opportunities’

The book authored by Casimir Biriyok was written to help people avert  unnecessary hours of long commute by taking advantage of ever-evolving digital skills for commercial purposes from home. With the stress and transportation challenges workers face on a regular basis coupled with the availability of connectivity in many homes in the UK and all over the world. Casimir felt the need to collate and bring to the fore all income generating possibilities to prospective readers of the book.

The launch which took place on 11th October at the ultra-modern Southwark College, welcomed guests from the Southwark Council, City of London, international development circles as far as Nigeria and family and friends.

In his speech, Casimir reiterated that the biggest attraction of working from home is becoming one’s own boss as well as, making decisions and determining income levels.

Chaired by Dr. Koku Adomdza and the Chief Launcher Rear Admiral O C Medani who was represented by Barrister Luke, he supported the theme of the book due to the benefits it would bring to youths who are equipped and regularly updated with the latest digital skills. Emphasis was placed on executing the ideas with reference to Dane Carlson quote: Ideas are worthless. Execution is what matters.

As the event proceeded, various guests launched the book at prices up to more than 2000% of the retail price at £12.97. Casimir was commended for his ingenuity and courage at writing the book under unsavoury circumstances which led to its abandonment and later, a measure of motivation to complete the book. Some of the guests from Milton Keynes and Nigeria alluded to their strong and decade long relationship with Casimir, who although, a private person exudes warmth, practical wisdom and an abundance of resourcefulness.

Mrs Rita Allamagani, winner of the competition

He demonstrated his qualities in a competition where guests were encouraged to indicate on a post-it notes the theme of the next book for him to write. As guests proceeded with their entries, they were encouraged to think of practical objectives of the new book. All entries were read out with the winner emerging as Mrs Rita Allamagani. The launch concluded with an engaging vote of thanks given by Martin Machado, a UKAPES team member who drew on the great source of inspiration from Casimir, with some lessons from  the journey of his authorship.

Martin Machado giving the vote of thanks

Casimir proceeded to sign all purchased copies of the book at the launch and thanked guests for their time. It is of the expectation that Southwark and Lewisham Colleges will be stocking copies of the book for learners in the Computing and Business studies departments.

To order copies of the book in the UK, log on to Amazon here.

To order copies in the book in the US, log on to Amazon here.

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