One thought on “UKAPES Post Covid-19 Pedagogy: the way forward

  1. That was a very interesting collaborative discussion on the impacts of Covid-19 for both students and educators in developing and developed countries. It was absolutely fascinating to hear the experiences of the UKAPES professionals from different educational institutions, sharing their experiences and thoughts about the impact of lockdown, in relation to pedagogy. They uncovered the challenges and global opportunities in which many students, parents and teachers have experienced as a result of the Covid-19. It was obvious that more and more students in the developing countries of Africa and Caribbean have less access to technology and online learning than those in the developed countries such as UK, though many people in the western world have also experienced digital poverty in working from home. Similarly, it was good to see how the speakers responded to digital poverty in their various FE colleges and universities and also on how the individuals have adapted quickly to online teaching and learning in the face of Covid-19 challenges. Moving forward, it is obvious that the way we have to deliver teaching/pedagogy today has changed forever; so it has to be blended with the current needs of the global pandemic. Hence, it is important that we continue to support our colleagues in developing countries so they can access technology and remote learning. According to John Dewey, educational reformer: “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” This obviously summarises the conclusion of the themes discussed.

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