We are going to Sierra Leone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Support our initiative as we engage with Sierra Leonean teachers in professional development. The initiative, conceived by ukapes co-founder, Isatu Bangura demonstrates her desire to transfer her years of teaching practice from the UK as an FE practitioner, HE practitioner and qualified Disability Nurse, to Sierra Leone.

See our gofundme campaign, donate generously and share as widely as possible.

Our unique registration link is for all interested teachers, headteachers, principals and other education stakeholders who wish to attend the free event on

Date: 14th August 2018
Venue: St Anthony Hall, Syke Street, Brookfield by National Stadium, Freetown, SL
Time: 10am to 4pm


Date: 15th August 2018
Venue: Richmod B. Tholley Memorial Hall, Barracks Road, Makeni, SL
Time: 10am to 4pm


8 thoughts on “We are going to Sierra Leone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I remember the CPD event that was organized by Mrs Joyce Elemson and Mrs Banjo. It was great with insights that most facilitators will like to charge money for.

    The nuggets from that training made my last school year a successful one.

    I am looking forward to another learning opportunity with them.

  2. My teachers had the opportunity to attend this training. Thanks very much and we are looking forward to more training sessions.

  3. My teachers had the opportunity to attend this training. Thanks very much and we are looking forward to more training sessions.

    1. It was a privilege to support teachers who are eager to learn and participate in the session. The interaction and dialogue enabled teachers to learn from each other. Yes we will continue to support teachers in the nearest future.

  4. This groundbreaking initiative by co-founders of UKAPES made so many waves in Sierra Leone which attracted a broad consortium of educational bodies to come on board. They have experienced nothing of its kind and it was second to none. Teachers were amazed by how much cutting edge, practical knowledge and tools they can get from such seminars for next to nothing. The opportunity was unparalleled and the need to expand such training is highly desirable by teachers and educational institutions and the Ministry of Education welcomes the initiative with open arms.
    The Minister of education in his humble self expressed the pressing need of teacher training to national standards especially in areas of creative pedagogy. We hope organisations like UKAPES can usher in renewed hopes of reinstating and reshaping our education system to the crowning glory we once held as the Anthem of West Africa. We want to thank Isatu and Elemson for their great effort and invaluable time in carrying out such monumental and historic event, never heard off in Sierra Leone. Giving back to Sierra Leone by way of transferring skills and resources is unmatched to any form of development.

    1. Thank you very much for your support and reflection. It will not have been possible if the teachers were not willing to engage. We are grateful the Minister honoured our initiative, thanks to Mr Momoh who used his influence to support our initiative. We were able to identify the needs of teachers mainly from the Wellington area. We hope the teachers will implement the skills and knowledge acquired. We will also continue to prompt teachers to give us feedback, complete weekly reflective logs. Our aim is to continue to support qualified and unqualified teachers.

  5. UKAPES is a blessing to Africa. Excellent training sessions, professionalism, beautiful teaching techniques, eye opening and lots of materials giving to us by Jay and Isatu. Thanks so much, we really appreciate. It was a great experience.

    1. Your positive feedback is appreciated and really encouraging. What is required of us all is to scale up the provision into far flung corners of the country with more ”excellent training sessions, professionalism and beautiful teaching techniques.”

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