Adding Value to Others as Leaders by Florence Akpokodje

The life of a leader is one that demands service to others. In serving others, you add value to them. Life demands that we add value to one another. It isn’t how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others.” Are you a leader? Know that leaders add value to others by serving others who follow them.
A good leader would first be a a servant leader, never getting resentful, never rejecting performing tasks beneath their dignity or position. It is a practice of good leaders to perform small acts of service without seeking credit and often constantly seek to know what people closest to them value and offer such.

Let attitude of service pervade everything you do because that is what adding value means. In addition, dedicate to excellence, know your customers, your clients, your associate and their desires as your business grows. Teach etiquette if you may as this will serve you and your company better. Etiquette is all about ‘how to’.
Try not to have an unresolved relational conflict with other people. Serve people who follow you not for anything else, but to gain a better perspective of them and you achieve more, by so doing and most importantly avoid wrong agendas in your relationship with the people you serve who may probably be your followers or your associates.
In all of these, John Maxwell has this to say, “the attitude of the leader affects the atmosphere of the office” if you desire to serve others, you will be a better leader. Your people will achieve more, develop more loyalty, have a better time getting things done than you ever thought possible. This is where the power of the law of addition comes from. Do you really want to grow in your leadership?

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